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Model: EPG 10B

Single chamber external pacemaker that preserves the required pulse of the patient by biphasic stimulation.

  • EPG 10 BIPHASIC has in comparison with EPG 10 MONOPHASIC biphasic stimulation impulse which makes it more sparing for the patient during the stimulation.
  • During stimulation lower stimulus current is required.
  • During biphasic stimulation polarization of electrode does not occur.
  • Other functions are identical to the type EPG 10 MONOPHASIC.

Technical specifications

Stimulation modes: VVI, AAI, VOO, AOO
Width of the stimulus: 0,05 – 1 ms, negative, asymmetrical, capacitively fixed
Amplitude of the stimulus: 0 -14 V / 500 ohm (0 - 28 mA/500 ohm), biphasic stimulation
Inhibitory sensitivity: 0,5 - 20 mV
Pulse rate: 20 - 200 ppm
Refractoriness: algorithmic
Overdrive frequency: 5 times the button + acoustics *
Battery life: 20 days **
Indication ON/OFF: blue LED ***
Disconnection of stimulating circuit: orange LED
Indication QRS: green LED / red LED ****
Indication of discharge battery: multilevel red LEDs supplemented by acoustic feedback
Acoustic signal: overdrive low battery removing the battery ***** stimul
Proportions + weight: 55 x 110 x 26 mm, 120 g
Elongation cable‘s connector: isolated jack from 1.8 to 2.0 mm
Connector for pump control: phoenix
Time to replace batteries: max. 30 s
Protection: defibrillation electrocoagulation runaway
Comment: * acoustic signaling corresponds with the set ppm. ** Indication of the BAT state - the red LED. *** Blue LED indicates a fully functional state. **** OVER - red LED (high sensitivity), the green LED (optimal sensitivity). ***** Intense acoustic signaling together with intense red LED.
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