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Model: EPG 10MO

External single chamber pacemaker, that preserves the required pulse of the patient.

The device is compatible with stimulation electrodes from all producers. Onset
of the increased stimulation 5 times the set frequency is immediate. The device
minimizes the risk of heart puncture by the stimulation electrode while in wedge
thanks to LED indication.
The device stores the set values for up to 30 seconds even without the battery.
Device is in accordance with regulation IEC 601 - 2 - 31 ed.2 including isolated
connectors for bipolar electrode.

Technical specifications

Stimulation modes: VVI, AAI, VOO, AOO
Width of the stimulus: 0,05 – 1 ms, negative, asymmetrical, capacitively fixed
Amplitude of the stimulus: 0 -14 V / 500 ohm (0 - 28 mA/500 ohm)
Inhibitory sensitivity: 0,5 - 20 mV
Pulse rate: 20 - 200 ppm
Refractoriness: algorithmic
Overdrive frequency: 5 times the button + acoustics *
Battery life: 20 days **
Indication ON/OFF: blue LED ***
Disconnection of stimulating circuit: orange LED
Indication QRS: green LED / red LED ****
Indication of discharge battery: multilevel red LEDs supplemented by acoustic feedback
Acoustic signal: overdrive low battery removing the battery ***** stimul
Proportions + weight: 55 x 110 x 26 mm, 120 g
Elongation cable‘s connector: isolated jack from 1.8 to 2.0 mm
Connector for pump control: phoenix
Time to replace batteries: max. 30 s
Protection: defibrillation electrocoagulation runaway
Comment: * acoustic signaling corresponds with the set ppm. ** Indication of the BAT state - the red LED. *** Blue LED indicates a fully functional state. **** OVER - red LED (high sensitivity), the green LED (optimal sensitivity). ***** Intense acoustic signaling together with intense red LED.
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