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Company MEDIATRADE s.r.o..

Main focus of our company is production of external pacemakers. We are successfully delivering our products for more than

20 years.

We are continuously improving our products with medical doctors. Based on their requirements we are launching new lines of our pacemaker EPG 10.

  •  EPG 10 BIPHASIC (cardiology, cardiac surgery)
  •  EPG 10 MONOPHASIC (cardiology, cardiac surgery)
  •  EPG 10 MULTIFOCAL – ESOPHAGEAL (cardiology, cardiac surgery)
  • EPG 10 NEUROSTIM (anesthesiology)
  • EPG 10 BIPHASIC, MONOPHASIC, MULTIFOCAL – single chamber external pacemaker that preserves  the required pulse of the patient.
  •  EPG 10 NEUROSTIM – neurostimulator designed for blockades of the peripheral nerves

We have been selling our devices since 2012.

We have not received any complaint on our devices so far.

We are dealing with or supplying our products into these countries: Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Cuba, Georgia, Myanmar, Pakistan and others.

The device is operated by a LOW POWER microprocessor, its advantages are:

  • we supply our devices either with monophasic or biphasic stimulation impulse
  • adjustable width of the stimulation impulse
  • quick and easy setting of the required values
  • compatibility with all the types of stimulation electrodes
  • small size and light weight

Cardio specialists often use our device in the category of external pacemakers for the following reasons:

  • adjustable width of the stimulation impulse
  • QRS detection of lower and upper thresholds
  • the possibility of biphasic stimulation impulse
  • the 9V battery can be inserted at an arbitrary polarity
  • the battery can be changed even if the device is being used on the patient
  • the device is working without the battery for other 30s

All our products are available at affordable prices and they fulfil all the clinical requirements for this type of devices.

Our devices are known for reliability, long service life, easy maintenance and also simple and safe manipulation.